We’re “Welcome Lionheart” and we’ve been creating in Barrie since 2016! We believe in inviting and inspiring you to bravely live the way we create…drawing from the beautiful experience of choosing to re-write our stories, despite the difficulties. Since being brave and raw in our everyday interactions is so foundational to our company, we are proud to create art prints, jewelry, and various other original art pieces which reflect this. We believe that bits and pieces of our story and care is woven throughout our art which is hand-crafted with real stone, genuine leather, feathers, driftwood, and bark.

We also know from personal experience that sometimes beauty feels like an otherworldly blessing, which somehow keeps you going when nothing else quite could. We hope that if someday you are in that place, when you hold one of our creations, it becomes the “semi-colon” of art…where you pause…and a flicker of a memory comes up, where you remember how brave you are, and choose to keep going. Because, we are. Brave.


A day in the life of the creator of “Welcome Lionheart”…


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Pictures say 1000 words. 🙂

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